Strain: Matanuska Tundra


  • Parentage: Alaskan Hybrid
  • Indica/Sativa: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 65 days
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Both
  • Breeder: Sagarmatha
  • Odor: Chocolate
  • Used Medically For:

    • Decrease Anxiety
    • Decrease Pain
    • Decreases Hyperactivity
    • Sleep Aid


This strain has been known as Matanuska Thunder F@#k, but to stay prudently proper it was changed to Matanuska Thundra (as it's the Alaskan word for "grasslands").

This strain has a flavor of chocolate and it's a creeper.

This means you will not feel the full effects until about 10 - 25 min after medicating.

This strain is great for relieving pain as well as it helps with insomnia.

May very possibly give you couch lock.

This stain prefers to be grown indoors or in arid climates.

When checking the ripeness of your yeild, check lower portions of the buds, because the tips of the top buds will continue to grow after the proper harvest time, leaving the plant to continue growing past it's maximum potential for most potent cannabinoids.


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